hello lovelies! first of all, im not doing a follow forever because i reached a milestone or anything, but i just want the following bloggers to know how much i appreciate your existence and your effort in keeping your blogs alive and wonderful c: nonetheless! i also want my followers to know that im grateful for every single one of you and tbh never in a million years would i expect my blog to have the number of followers i have now so props to you guys for sticking with me and bearing with my lack of sanity 

italics = amazing senpais i'm too shy to talk to u but teach me your ways

bold = lovely human beings

* = you have a special place in my hearteu

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ps. every blog i follow is amazing i had to stop myself from including every one of them into this list lmao

pps. i might’ve missed out some blogs because im so sleepy so i might come back and add them in later hehe :>

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[4/8] the importance of im jaebum 

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5 /  reasons to love mark tuan  his love for animals

got7 otp graphics request by anon. (in no specific order)
1/10 : MarkSon

youngjae + glasses 

❝ If friends of ‘Roommate 2’ were quiet, it would have been uncomfortable for me. But they are all active including Seho. So it’s like having a party excluding the part that I worry about the sound of me going to the toilet might be heard through the mike. ❞
Jackson being brutally honest during the Dispatch interview (x)